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In Atlanta

Skyview Home Remodeling offers a complete range of roofing such as the exterior remodeling of your house, to enhance the curb appeal. The installation of fuss-free and beautiful siding has a crucial role.  Our siding contractors are experts in their craftsmanship by working on a determined siding system and also making your building look beautiful. 

In Atlanta, siding forms the first line of defense from UV rays of the sun, rain, snow, hail by making a comfortable environment inside your home. The style and material of siding also affect the appearance of your exterior building. 

Without a proper siding contractor installation, water can enter your home and cause major damages like roof leakage, mold, and algae production. It can also create foundation issues by water penetrating inside. This can result in the variable temperature of the building, causing different materials to contract and expand. The siding contractors skilfully cover the joints of your house that protect water and other forms of precipitation like snow from entering the home and cause much damage. 

A proper siding in Atlanta will also play a vital role in decreasing your energy bills. If no work is done on proper siding, the insulation of your house can get disturbed, which will cause an increase in utility bills. So, look for the top-rated siding contractors near you. 

Our siding contractors in Skyview Home Remodeling are experts in installing the right siding for your home. We are proud to install fiber-cement siding as one of the James Hardie siding contractors. 

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding is a major industry leader in fiber cement and has a tremendous number of installations in the United States. Fiber-cement siding has low-maintenance, is fireproof, and termite resistant. It is available in variable styles and textures with a complete factory finishing. It is a huge decision to pick the best siding for your house. Your choice of siding contractor is a significant decision when evaluating a home siding project.

Material choice is next. Given the durability, maintenance, low energy consumption, and of course the beauty, James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is one of the top reasons people choose Atlanta siding.

Why choose Fiber-cement?

Cement fiber is made of composite matter, a combination of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber. This material is a very sturdy, robust finished product that is ideal for homes in Atlanta for siding. Fiber cement has a range of advantages, though it may be heavier than certain siding materials, which makes it worthwhile.

Benefits of Fiber-Cement Siding

Skyview Home Remodelling is the best siding contractor near you. It is also important to choose the right material for Atlanta siding as it is the first line of defense from Atlanta weather. Atlanta’s climate is quite harsh with snow, hail storms, and rain all through the year, so it is important to make a one-time investment in a relatively good siding material for your exterior strength and beauty. 

Let us have a look at what advantages fiber-cement has to offer:


Fiber cement offers stirling beauty in just the texture of the material alone. It gives off a natural look with advanced manufacturing methods while providing ample aesthetic opportunities for the curb appeal of your house. For instance, James Hardie siding offers many textures and colors to choose from. Customers can enjoy wood texture to plank lap siding, among others, at a very reasonable cost, and with less maintenance.


While the appearance of other materials is mirrored by fiber cement, it is considerably more rigid and long-lasting. It can withstand intense weather, fire, and insects better. While it may seem that the cost of fiber cement is higher at the time of installation as compared to vinyl or aluminum, reckoning on an annual basis over more than 50 years makes it a more affordable choice. In fact, Fiber cement is the best balance of cost, durability, and environmental impact.

Installation Options

In addition to different textures and colors of the materials, Atlanta siding contractors from Skyview Home Remodeling offer various options in the actual shape and installation types for fiber cement board. James Hardie features lap siding, shingles, shakes, or panels, which can be set up as or for the look of the board and batten. These aesthetics can be combined with a balance to produce an entirely original look from common material in the same project.


Fibre cement is the ideal middle ground for affordability and longevity and provides you with a long term alternative without bankruptcy. Vinyl may be the lowest priced siding option, but it does not increase the curb appeal or market value of your house. Moreover, Atlanta siding contractors of Skyview Home Remodeling has a competitively priced installation cost as compared to wood, aluminum, and vinyl.

Call us today and get the stunning fiber-cement siding in Atlanta for your home at your doorstep!