How To Know If Your Roof Has Storm Damage

A hot topic is “Hot Lanta” right now is roofing damage. Thanks to a few angry storms blowing through Georgia, many homeowners have found themselves asking, ” How do I know if my roof has been damaged?”

Your roof was designed to withstand the elements of weather. Shingles manufactured by GAF Roofing are made with advanced technology to enhance long-term durability, wind-driven rain performance and long-term extreme temperature resistance. However, over time, older, less savvy roofing shingles fail to withstand the unpredictability of mother nature, leaving homeowners facing one of their greatest fears: roofing damage.

The most obvious sign that you have roofing damage is by detecting a leak. Sometimes a roof leak makes a noticeable statement inside your home. You find stains on your ceiling, running down your wall or unfortunately, you’re left with an annoying and concerning drip of water. Other signs of roof damage are not so noticeable. There are a few ways you can determine if your roof is compromised.

Signs of Roof Damage:

1. You notice a substantial amount of granules ( sand paper like part of the shingle) in gutters, downspouts, or in your yard- especially after heavy rain

2. You spot or find loose or missing shingles

3. You notice shingles lifting up, peeling or curling

4. Damaged Soffit or Fascia

5. Indoor Leaks

6. Chimney leaks or issues

7. Your siding has visible dents from hail damage

8. Holes, leaks or light seen in your attic

If you believe your roof may have damage, needs repair or replacement, contact a reputable roofing contractor to inspect your roof. Many companies talk about hail damage, but there is also the possibility of wind damage. Wind damage is less noticeable to a homeowner, because it’s often gradual. High winds can raise a corner of a shingle and slowly cause the shingle to lift, peel or rip off completely. This leaves the roof exposed and prone to leaks. An experienced contractor can easily determine if the shingles have suffered wind damage.

Once an initial inspection has taken place, the damage will be accessed and a contractor may encourage you to contact your insurance company to file a claim. Check your homeowner’s policy for the length of time you have to file a claim. Some insurance companies allow up to one year from incident, others may require you file a claim within 30 days. Your insurance company will likely want to send out an adjuster. It’s a good idea to have your contractor present to help identify the damage found. Once the claim is approved, your contractor will meet with you to go over your options of material for the project and schedule delivery and installation. Once completed, paperwork will be submitted to your insurance company for payment.

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