How Do You Know When Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced?

Roofs don’t last forever. If you have lived in a house for a while, you need to know when to change the roof. This will save you costs, and the possible embarrassment of a leak when someone visits.

This article will show you signs you need to look out for. You just might need to start saving for a new roof!

Warning Signs You Need A New Roof

Here are 7 ways to check if you need a new roof or not:

1. You Have Used It For Too Long

How long is too long? According to a piece on U.S News, roofs should be replaced every 30 years. So, if your roof has spent way over 3 decades, that might be an indication to replace it. Not sure how old the roof is? You might need to take a clue from your neighbors. If anyone has changed their roof recently, you probably need to change yours too.

2. There Is a Leak

When your roof is too old, it starts to leak. Wet walls and discoloured ceilings are signs of a leaky roof. If you hear water dripping within the walls, that’s a pointer too.

Leaks show that some seals or tiles in the roof are broken. They could be so bad you’d need to replace the roof.

3. You Can See Light Coming Through the Roof

At sunset, turn off the lights in a room and look up. Do you see light rays through the roof? That’s a sign there’s a hole in your roof. You need to check how large the hole is. If it’s very large, you will need to replace the roof.

4. You Have a Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing is used to direct water away from important areas of the roof. You will find it surrounding vents, chimneys and skylights.

If the flashing is damaged, water seeps through the roof. Before that happens, you should change the roof.

5. There are Curled Shingles

Roofs withstand various weather conditions over time. In their useful life, they still look good despite the harsh conditions. Curling edges could mean they are not holding up so well anymore. Thus, you might need to take them out.

6. There are Damaged Ridges

When the ridge is damaged, there is a high likelihood other parts will be damaged in no time. That’s why you might need a quick roof replacement.

7. There's a lot of Debris in the Gutter

Having a lot of debris in your gutter is a warning sign you don’t have to check your roof for. Your roof might be losing its materials if you find shingles and wood particles in your gutter. That would mean you need a new one soon.


Chances are, your roof already shows these signs. You’d be saving costs in the long run if you make a timely replacement. Enjoy quality, best-priced and customer friendly roofing services here.

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